The innovative Legend diet represents the evolution of functional maintenance foods for adult dogs: grain free, gluten free and NO GMOs! Now, after great success in the USA, Legend expands to Italy!

It’s the American dream in a kibble! We developed this functional diet around the canine ancestral diet to fulfill the demand for grain free, gluten free and GMO free foods, using only clean raw ingredients and natural extracts. Now we are bringing the challenge back to Italy. Legend, come home!

Free is better! Legend has a straightforward formulation, gluten free and rejecting GMOs: it’s ideal for dogs with delicate tummies and skin. Legend can be found in two versions, Skin and Digestion, not to mention our wet food Legend Puppy, for all cubs.

Legend’s story starts 40 years ago, when Dr. Sergio Canello began his research, and proving that our pets’ adverse reactions to foods are mainly caused by pollutants frequently found in pet food ingredients.

LEGEND is a functional, grain free diet, that employs clean ingredients, derived from biologically pristine sources, and combines them with the proven efficacy of natural plant extracts.


Your dog’s health depends on you! The most important choice you will make for your dog is the food you provide him with. A healthy and functional diet makes your dog feel good inside and out, while nourishing mind, body and soul.

LEGEND is a special grain free maintenance food for adult dogs, complete and balanced, developed by SANYpet’s Research&Development Department.

The first step for a Legendary food is an exceptional formula:
– No Oxytetracycline*
– Proteins not sourced from intensively farmed animals
– No grain-based carbohydrates
– Grain-free, gluten free and No GMOs.
– Use of whole anchovies, wild-caught in the Pacific Ocean and processed  whole. These pelagic forage fish bypass the risk of heavy metal contamination.
– Icelandic Lamb and Chicken as protein sources of excellent quality, high biological value and exceptional digestibility. Both are pasture raised or sourced from non-intensive farms.
– Salmon and Cod from clear and pristine Icelandic waters
– Natural antioxidant action of herbal extracts
– Optimal 1:2 Omega3:Omega6 ratio, with anti-inflammatory action
– Diet with a limited number of ingredients, but high nutritional value, developed in order to minimize all adverse reactions and maximize nutrient absorption
– Rigorous and systematic quality control procedures — more than 5000 controls per year!
– Ideal to maintain the health status achieved from Active Line and Diet Line foods.

Switching to Legend is easy!

Thanks to its incomparable digestibility and nutritional value, LEGEND can be given immediately, without any transition time! In order to achieve optimal results, we recommend using Legend dry food and mixing it with Legend wet food, while avoiding adding any other foods.

*Scientific studies published on international journals such as “Poultry Science” (Cytotoxic effects of oxytetracycline residues in the bones of broiler chickens following therapeutic oral administration of a water formulation) and “Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology” (Toxicological implications and inflammatory response in human lymphocytes challenged with oxytetracycline).

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