Gianandrea Guidetti

Gianandrea Guidetti is a researcher and one of the leading experts on phytoteraphy, he is the green man of SANYpet – FORZA10, the one who is able to harness the power of the nature health services for dogs and cats.

Since he was a child, he grew up in the field of veterinary medicines, he figured out how the intensive farming could not represent the future, thus developing an empathy for the animals and maturing a vocation to the “sweet cure”, that will never leave him through the years.

The green way is so marked and ideally connects, two worlds of the past. From one side, pharmacy degrees and the private studies on homeopathy and food intolerances, are a classic topic of the Italian tradition of the monasteries’ monarchs, the first ones to classify the plants of their gardens. On the other side the experience of the prestigious University of Coimbra on the field of the pharmacognosy, (where is still alive the spirit of the Portuguese conquistadores), which  has taken from faraway lands the plants back home in order to study and exploit them.

On the 1998 Doctor Guidetti was the first man in the world to approach the organic for dogs and cats, by recognizing on it his beliefs and making sure that was the right way for the health of goats, horses, pigs and hens, and for all of those animals that once were children playmates on farms.

Being sure that  it will not be the beauty to save the world, but the organic, Doctor Guidetti combines his skills in the service of pets, being aware that a plant cannot solve  every problem, therefore approaching the holistic diseases solution by gathering the common properties of every plant to the specific ones, thus, he found out extraordinary achievements thanks to their synergistic action, properly balanced and combined.

Una capacità che ha fatto la differenza e che, in seguito all’incontro con il Dott. Sergio Canello, ha portato alla realizzazione delle diete FORZA10 e il fiore all’occhiello di SANYpet: la Linea Active.

An ability that made the difference and after met Doctor Sergio Canello, led to the creation of FORZA10 diets and the SANYpet’s crown jewel: the Active line.

A green life, devoted to ethics and sustainability, that has a background as young as intense, as shown by several scientific research, an activity always in the making, important publications and patents, mostly the AFS, an innovative technology which permit to preserve the active substances of the plants, very heat-sensitive, in the kibbles process of creating.

Gianandrea Guidetti is now president of SANYpet – FORZA10, where he is involve in R&D, formulations and phytoteraphy, for the health of dogs and cats.
You can follow his deeds and learn the secrets of the nature on his own web site and on Salute cane e gatto Facebook page.

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