Free Company

Let’s be free together

SANYpet-FORZA10 is a “free” company — free from bad principles that commonly afflict our lives. We’ve stripped away everything that is unnecessary and contrary to our mission of “health through nutrition”. Our policy of transparency, our clean sourced, science-based diets, and our high level of service, allows us to focus on our goal — the health and well-being of cats and dogs through diet. Here what we stripped away:

Cruelty free

We refuse to experiment on animals, not only during the study and manufacture of products, but also in proving effectiveness. Typically, these invasive tests consist of inducing disease to healthy animals and then trying to treat them with specific foods. Our company instead, makes only palatability tests of the product (in the natural habitat of the animal) and clinical trials of the benefits on the same animal’s health.

We use raw materials and additives which are not tested on animals; fish sourced from unpolluted seas of the Pacific and southern Iceland, from producers who manage the marine ecosystem responsibly (cruelty free, sustainable fishing methods).

We encourage “conscious consumption”, given the increasing sensitivity of the end customer to find and use products that have minor negative impacts from ethical, ecological and social points of view and for the health of animal.

Free of Oxytetracycline

SANYpet fights against this enemy by making pet foods that don’t contain oxytetracycline, one of the most toxic and harmful chemical and pharmacological pollutants for the health of our four-legged friends. Through the analysis of the inflammatory disorders, Dr. Sergio Canello and his team were able to discover and scientifically prove the toxicity of this antibiotic which widely and legally used in intensive farming operations all around the world since the post-WWII period.

Free of Contaminants and Chemicals

SANYpet refuses to use flavor enhancers, colorants and synthetic preservatives and will never allow our diets to contain GMOs.

We source our raw materials are exclusively from natural extensive farming in New Zealand and Iceland for our alternative meats, like venison and lamb, and from certified organic farms for the chicken and beef used in the Bio Lines. To obtain the best fish far away from industrial pollution, we have literally gone to the ends of the earth — to the pure oasis that is Iceland. Clean, quality ingredients may be harder to get, but they are one of the keys of what makes the diets of FORZA10 stand out.

Grain free

Going grain-free is a choice. A choice to live healthier. It was scientifically proven that dogs fed solely on vegetable and meat scraps were able to digest them perfectly, since dogs share a close evolution from the wolf. However a wolf’s diet contains almost no grains. Cereals can cause damage merely due to the excessive quantity of omega 6, if not accurately balanced with omega3, a balance that SANYpet-FORZA10 takes care to ensure in all of its formulations. The absence of cereals therefore allows a simpler formulation, while also accommodating pets who show intolerance to cereals.

Fresh from the success in the US, we have created the absolutely grain free Legend line, available in Skin and Digestion formulas. The grain free elements can be successfully used throughout your pet’s life, without worry of creating any deficiency or disorders.

Gluten free

Most dogs and cats don’t suffer from celiac disease like humans, with the exception of the Irish Setter. However some breeds have similar negative reactions to gluten. A gluten free diet reduces the risk of allergy and is ideal for those animals with gluten sensitivity. Every element of our Active, Maintenance, Diet, Bio, Mr. Fruit Line and Basic is gluten-free, while our Legend line is both gluten and grain free.

The first step to being free is as simple as making good choices. By choosing SANYpet-Forza10, you can be free to enjoy a longer, healthier and happier life with your pet.

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