EcoBio Line — Seven organic and natural grooming products to protect your pet’s skin and coat for 360-degrees of total wellness.

EcoBio natural and gentle grooming products complement our FORZA10 healthy and functional diets, by taking care of our furry friends’ skin, coat and sensory universe, and protecting and respecting them using organic raw materials. EcoBio is suitable for all dogs and especially for those prone to skin sensitivities.


Venturing beyond borders and jumping fences is risky business, and protecting your own territory isn’t easy.

But who protects dogs and cats from dirt, scratches, rashes, dandruff and attacks from parasites? Insect bites from ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, horseflies, flies, and mites can cause dangerous diseases. If only they had a protective body guard to help repel these enemies.

The EcoBio Line was developed with this idea in mind. Cats’ and dogs’ wellness must be all-encompassing. This is why EcoBio natural soaps complement FORZA10’s healthy and nutritious diets, by taking care of our furry friends’ skin, coat and sensory universe, for 360-degrees of total wellness. EcoBio is suitable for all dogs and especially for those with particularly sensitive skin, and is characterized by:

  • ICEA Certification. The Institute for the Ethic and Environmental Certification (ICEA) is an organization that controls and certifies corporations, making sure that their work respects human rights and the environment.
  • Saying Yes to Nature. Why Bio? Because all raw materials come from organic farming, in order to guarantee 100% health and wellness. Natural Neem oil, almond oil, blackcurrant oil, and olive oil are paired with herbal extracts of aloe and marigold, and then expertly mixed with thyme, rosemary, lemon grass, oregano and distilled damask rose water. All perfumes are natural and extremely light, so as not to be too aggressive on dogs’ delicate noses.
  • Saying No to Chemicals. There are no petrochemical derivatives or toxic synthetic substances that can destroy the protective lipid film normally present on fur.
  • No invasive tests. We don’t perform or commission invasive tests on animals to develop and test our products or ingredients. SANYpet only employs veterinary clinical studies and protocols, performed on privately owned animals, seeking the cooperation of university departments, university veterinary hospitals, opinion leaders and internationally known veterinary doctors. No cages or artificially induced pathologies ever!

The EcoBio line is like having seven samurai fighting alongside our diets for the well-being of all dogs and cats, ready to be called to action with the key words hygiene, wellness and protection. Introducing our EcoBio line: dandruff and anti-itch shampoo, dry foam shampoo, frequent bath shampoo, soothing lotion, scented lotion, anti-parasite, and Puppy protection formula.

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