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Making scientific research about canine and feline nutrition means taking into account and identifying risk factors related or unrelated to food. It also means realizing state of the art recipes to keep and strengthen our pet’s health and, when their very health fails, developing diets that can aid the healing process. Last, but not least, it implies making sure that these formulations actually work.

The people behind all this at SANYpet’s is the R&D Department, a team made up of professionals highly specialized in nutrition and constantly collaborating with important Italian Universities and Research Centres. The result of all this hard work are more than 20 scientific articles on international scientific journals and many multicentre studies, all focused on SANYpet’s ultimate mission: Health Through Nutrition.

Nutrition is the foundation of homeostasis, the body’s capability to stay healthy, and therefore has a fundamental role. How, then, can we eat correctly? More than that, how can we guarantee the best possible diet to our dogs and cats, since they cannot choose?

If, on the one hand, we have managed to subdue all infective and parasitic, on the other hand we now face the damage done by pollution and malnutrition, meant as nutritional excesses and imbalance, especially in regard to the general lack of Omega-3 in human and animal nutrition.

In the face of these enemies, dogs and cats are unknowing and innocent victims. Constantly living by our side, our mistakes have repercussions on them too. What hurts us, hurts them too.

The solution is only one: trying to eliminate all that is harmful from our diets and adding to them all that is lacking to help the immune system fighting chemicals ad pharmacological pollutions with the power of medicinal plants and Omega-3. Having gotten to this point, we have two steps to make, and the first and foremost is identifying what hurts us and our pets. Let’s go back, then, to what inspired our scientific research.

SANYpet identified our pets’ public enemy number one and its name is oxytetracycline, an antibiotic legally and widely used in intensive farming. Its toxicity – at first only guessed by Dr. Sergio Canello, SANYpet’s founder, during his years as a veterinary clinician – has been confirmed by scientific studies.

The studies “Cytotoxic effects of oxytetracycline residues in the bones of broiler chickens following therapeutic oral administration of a water formulation”, and “Toxicological Implications and Inflammatory Response in Human Lymphocytes Challenged with Oxytetracycline” gave us outstanding results.

The first study highlighted how oxytetracycline residues are massively present in ground bones coming from chickens that were administered the antibiotic in their drinking water, following the exact same protocol followed in intensive farming. It then showed its cytotoxic in vitro effects on human and canine lymphocytes, confirming its apoptotic potential on immune cells in a matter of hours.

The second study, led by Prof. Giuseppe Terrazzano – a renowned immunologist at the Department of Translational Medicine at University of Napoli and Basilicata – and his team, tried to learn more about those preliminary results by looking for links between oxytetracycline cytotoxic potential and phlogosis. This study confirmed what had been previously observed – oxytetracycline cytotoxic effects, that can alter the functionality of tissues, organs and systems, also inducing autoimmune disorders – and found that it induces a significant increase in the production of gamma-interferon (IFN-γ), one of the main pro-inflammatory substances, and modifies cells behaviour in the early phases of exposure to this antibiotic compared to later stages.

These studies have been published on “Poultry Science” and “Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology”.

What’s the solution then? How can we avoid suffering for him and for you, besides medical expenses and time consuming therapies?

The answer is easy, yet powerful in its clarity: nutrition at its best, avoiding as much as possible all contaminants and preventing problems. This is the other main focus of our R&D Department:  realizing healthy, nutritious and functional foods.

In a world where the organism is constantly attacked by all sorts of chemicals, SANYpet’s scientific research developed diets with the specific target of keeping your pet in perfect health, giving him the best nutritional support and palatability; it also developed functional diets whose aim is helping your pet overcome all the most common pathologies, aiding dogs and cats in getting well as soon as possible.

A third scientific research, “In vitro effects of some botanicals with anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic activity”, recently published on the renowned “Journal of Immunology Research”, has proven how medicinal plants and their extracts possess an important antitoxic effect against oxytetracycline, the number one enemy of dogs’ and cats’ health, furthermore confirming their precious antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating properties.

All FORZA10 lines follow the same philosophy:

  • Use of protein sources free from oxytetracycline residues: pristine raw ingredients (fish and meat) coming from New Zealand and Iceland.
  • Embracing the extraordinary power of nature, adding to our food specific pools of medicinal plants with antioxidant and immune-modulating properties, that contrast the activity of oxytetracycline.
  • Improving the Omega-3 content, so as to balance the Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio. Refusal of all taste enhancers, food colourings and synthetic preservatives. Simple formulations and no invasive tests on animals. SANYpet only employs veterinary clinical studies and protocols, performed on privately owned animals, seeking the cooperation of university departments, university veterinary hospitals, opinion leaders and internationally known veterinary doctors.
  • No cages or artificially induced pathologies.

SANYpet Researches

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