Clean Ingredients


In order to guarantee our mission of “health through the nutrition”, we have chosen to use a limited number of raw materials with excellent quality, thus ensuring accurate control throughout the chain and absolute safety in the entire production process.

Today, our world is subject to a considerable amount of pollution — not just in our environment, but also as contaminants in our foods, with negative health consequences on people as well as our dogs and cats. Therefore, the food choices we make for ourselves and our pets are crucial. However, even choosing carefully is no guarantee. It is also important to allow the body to “detox” from the substances that we are constantly in contact with. SANYpet embraces this philosophy, by creating clean formulas based on our twenty years of vast phytotherapy knowledge, as well as our continuing research into sourcing the cleanest and healthiest raw materials.

But how can we select clean ingredients? How can we ensure that they are as free from contaminants as possible and continue to be so?

Pure Sources: Iceland and New Zealand

We literally went to “the ends of the world” to find the cleanest proteins, even going so far to the pure waters of Iceland, uncontaminated from pollutants and heavy metals; and to its wilderness, where the animals graze free in nature. We also located these same characteristics in the extensive farming of New Zealand, where nature extends her benign mantle.

SANYpet – FORZA10 sources small, whole fish caught in the open sea as our protein source for most diets, because it has many prestigious points: it has very high biological value, it’s highly digestible, has a low risk of the most toxic pharmacological and chemical residues and it’s free of oxytetracycline residues, which we have identified as the number one enemy of our pets’ health. Not to mention, it also boasts a balanced intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, is rich in vitamin B12, phosphorus and selenium.

Over time, we have also introduced protein sources other than fish into the FORZA10 line. Obviously, these other sources are not intensively farmed, so as not to contain harmful pharmacological and chemical residues. This is why we use lamb and deer exclusively from New Zealand and Iceland, naturally extensively farmed, and using only chicken meat that is certified organic or from Icelandic extensive husbandry.

Say No to Oxytetracycline!

SANYpet fights against this enemy by making pet foods that don’t contain oxytetracycline, one of the most toxic and harmful chemical and pharmacological pollutants for the health of the 2 and 4-legged. Through the analysis of inflammatory disorders, Dr. Sergio Canello and his team were able to discover and scientifically prove the toxicity of this antibiotic, which is widely and legally used in intensive farming operations all around the world, ever since WWII.

Say No to Contaminants and Chemicals!

Special attention also goes into the analysis to detect the most dangerous contaminants, such as melamine aflatoxins, dioxin and PCBs, and heavy metals. The raw materials are sampled and controlled in the company (more than 5000 controls per year) and are accepted only if all the checks for these dangerous pollutants are negative. SANYpet refuses to use flavor enhancers, colorants and synthetic preservatives in their diets.


SANYpet has developed technical tools and strict control procedures that allow close monitoring of the entire production chain. All incoming raw materials are targeted with checks and detailed analyzes. The structure itself is equipped with instruments capable of providing real-time analysis, such as the spectrometer (NIR), which is able to identify the 900 most common pollutants. Also, we use accredited external laboratories for the detection of dangerous pollutants subject to health alerts, constantly reported by the R.A.S.F.F. system (Rapid Alert System for Food And Feed) from the European Union.

The Bio Line Diet

SANYpet has created the Bio Line, for those who desire a guarantee of even greater controls and a certified quality, so there are zero doubts about the health of their furry friend’s meal. Among these diets, is a vegan diet, 100% vegetal that comes with VeganOk certification. The raw materials, such as rice and corn, are all of Italian origin, organic and subjected to strict controls by the organization and the certifying body (C.C.P.B.).

A Bio certified factory

Our factory in Padova was the first one in Europe to be designed and constructed specifically to be certified organic.

The entire FORZA10 dry line is manufactured in the Padova, SANYpet production plant, which is equipped with production methods capable of ensuring excellent biological value parameters, uniformity, digestibility, palatability and conservation.

This is how we summarize the concept: #factsnotkibbles

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