The natural alternative to medicines: a diet that can solve all of the main health problems of dogs and cats!

It was a true case of serendipity when Dr. Canello’s 40-years of clinical experience met with Dr. Guidetti’s 20-years of studies and research of plants and phytotherapy, because it was then that the FORZA10 Active Line was born. The combination of accurately selected natural extracts and the freshest fish work together to accomplish SANYpet’s ultimate mission: curing all canine and feline food-related pathologies, while satisfying all of their nutritional needs through the most balanced diet possible.

FORZA10 Active is a dry food that has specific formulas for every system and whose beneficial properties are preserved with the innovative patented AFS process. There is also a special formula to guarantee your puppy’s correct development.

FORZA10 Active Line diets are made up of two components (the AFS tablet and kibbles) that have been formulated to solve all of the most common chronic or recurrent inflammations deriving from adverse reactions to food.


The undisputed effectiveness is founded on 4 basic principles:

  • Elimination of any possible source of oxytetracycline, since it has been proven* by Sergio Canello to be the most frequent cause of inflammation in dogs and cats. This antibiotic, legally and widely used in intensive farming, can become unpredictably toxic when its residues bind themselves to bone tissue, especially in chickens. Any food ingredients containing bones from intensively farmed animals can contain this toxin and can be the cause of many pathologies**;
  • Use of a specific pools of medicinal plants, selected for their antitoxic, antioxidant and immune-modulating properties (since the immune system is often depleted by oxytetracycline toxicity, as well as, other environmental pollutants).
  • Use of specific amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids (commonly deficient in most pet food) in order to restore a correct Omega-3:Omega-6 ratio.
  • Use of herring or anchovies, small pelagic fishes that bypass the risk of contamination from heavy metals and are wild-caught in the ocean. Additionally, herring and anchovies are processed whole, making for an excellent source of proteins of the highest biological value, characterized by an optimal digestibility and by the absence of oxytetracycline residues.

Our Active Line kibbles, besides containing wild-caught fish as a high value protein source, employ rice or potatoes as a hypoallergenic source of carbohydrates, and fish oil, which is naturally rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.
This diet is also enriched by special heart-shaped tablets that carry a pool of specific natural extracts, mixed with kibbles in a 7% ratio. Thanks to our patented AFS (Active Fresh System) technology, these tablets are cold-pressed, in order to preserve the effectiveness of the herbal extracts inside them.

* Poultry Science: Cytotoxic effects of oxytetracycline residues in the bones of broiler chickens following therapeutic oral administration of a water formulation.
** JBMT “Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology”: Toxicological implications and inflammatory response in human lymphocytes challenged with oxytetracycline.

Active Line Strengths:

  • High quality raw materials, systematically controlled (more than 5000 quality controls per year), free of chemical and pharmacological toxic residues, especially those deriving from oxytetracycline, which we have identified as a major cause of inflammation and cellular apoptosis.
  • Single source protein: small pelagic fish (wild-caught herring or anchovies).
  • Single source carbohydrate: rice (with the exception of Canine Dermo Active and Canine Renal Active, which contain potato; and Feline Renal Active, containing maize).
  • Short ingredient list, to limit the risk of possible food intolerances and allergies.
  • High natural Omega-3 content: these fatty acids are fundamental because of their anti-inflammatory properties, their ability to keep cellular growth in check (especially useful in the case of adipose cells) and to preserve the elasticity of cellular membranes. They sensibly decrease the risk of excess fat and reduce the frequency of lesions to elastic tissues (such as ligament tears, dislocations, sprains, intervertebral disks herniation, difficulties at birth).
  • Insertion of a selection of herbal extracts, each one specifically studied by SANYpet’s Research&Development Department for its antitoxic, antioxidant and immune-modulating effects. These beneficial properties help restore your animal’s health by balancing the immune system – under attack everyday by environmental pollutants that alter its defense mechanisms.
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