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About us

We are professionals specialising in food intolerances 

of dogs and cats.

The SANYpet - FORZA10 group

The SANYpet - FORZA10 group is first and foremost a group of people, with profoundly different skills and fields of interest, but all sharing a single thing: our love for animals.

In particular, for the pets that share our daily lives, dogs and cats, the focus of our loving attention and of our professional research. Our furry friends will always need the best nutrition and someone who chooses food wisely for them.

What we do

We personally see to producing everything that dogs and cats need. Our certified organic plant in Bagnoli di Sopra, near Padua, was originally built for the production of dry foods.

We then went all the way to pristine Iceland to find the cleanest ingredients, and there, we built a wet food production plant and another plant exclusively for the production of snack food.

How we do it

The SANYpet - FORZA10 Research and Development Department is a team of professionals, veterinarians and experts in the field of dog and cat nutrition, who cooperate with top Italian universities and centres of excellence in the field of veterinary and human medicine. 

Testimony to this joint effort are the over 30 scientific researches, published in international magazines, with the aim of studying disorders related to adverse reactions to food.


We have filed 10 patents, putting our heart into it, which is precisely the shape of our AFS (Active Fresh System) tablets, one of our signature technologies, together with the Microcapsules System. AFS and microencapsulation are two innovative techniques, which allow us to protect the botanical substances in our diets.

SANYpet is a "free" company: we are cruelty free, we offer GMO free diets and we refuse to use synthetic appetizers, colourings or preservatives.

We are not just a "pet food" company: we are truly close to animals, from the bottom of our hearts and in our daily work, without distinction of race, size, hair and age, as evidenced by the many initiatives organised with the Italian Dog Defence League.