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Scientific Research – The core of our company

FORZA10 constantly conducts scientific research, in collaboration with prestigious universities and research centers, which has led to over 30 publications in important international scientific journals. 

There are three research reports inparticular which represent the pillars of our knowledge, and demonstrate the basic science behind our diet.

Botanical substances

Addition of specific botanical substances, whose beneficial properties have been scientifically proven through in vitro testing by our SANYpet Research and Development Department. From aloe to pomegranate, and papaya to ginseng, many of the formulations used in our product lines exploit the synergy of these and many other plants.

Clean Ingredients – The key to “health through nutrition”

The FORZA10 diet uses clean raw materials of excellent quality, pursuing the mission to improve the health of dogs and cats through nutrition. It’s not a coincidence that the mission of SANYpet - FORZA10 reflects the pill of wisdom of Hippocrates: “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. For this reason, FORZA10 diets, in addition to ensuring a complete and balanced nutritional supply, are functional towards maintenance of a state of wellbeing in dogs and cats.

Iceland & New Zealand - Just a few steps away from wild pastures and the sea

FORZA10 preferably makes use of clean ingredients and proteins, sourcing the best fish and meat from Iceland’s natural oasis and the pristine nature of New Zealand. Our Icelandic facilities is situated very close to the harbors where fishermen dock and to the island’s wild pastures. Natural extensive farming and fish caught in the open sea, offer superior levels quality, purity and sustainability.

Bio & Vegan – Born to be organic

Our plant in Padua (Italy) was the first one in Europe to be designed and constructed specifically to be certified organic.

This is where our Bio and Vegan lines were born, dedicated to those who believe that this choice is the best for their life and for those who live beside them. In a world of increasing concerns regarding the production and source of your food, we offer a healthy and humane choice that you can feel good about.

Cutting-edge scientific knowledge – Patents and technologies

To succeed in our mission, “health through the nutrition”, we have registered 8 patents. Our company was shaped by big hearts, but we are also proud of our “little heart”, which is the actual shape of our AFS technology (Active Fresh System), one of our two flagship processes, the other being the Microencapsulation System. AFS and Microencapsulation are both innovative techniques which allow the preservation of the natural elements, keeping intact their effectiveness in our diets.

A “free” company — Free from bad principles that commonly afflict our lives

FORZA10 enforces only a cruelty-free policy and refuses to experiment on live animals or to employ GMO ingredients within our diets. Our carefully crafted portfolio of formulas also includes a grain-free diet called the LEGEND line.

SANYpet's quality management system is in accordance to the criteria of the ISO 9001:2015.